Building Specifications, Bridgeport CT's Riverwalk Condos

Foundation, Structural and Exterior Building Specifications

Riverwalk Condominiums Bridgeport CT


  1. Footings: Structural Columns – Parking Under – (4000 psi)
  2. Slabs: 4” concrete (4000 psi) over vapor barrier for ranch units


  1. 8’6” Main floor ceilings – 9’ Ranches
  2. All Exterior Walls are 2” x 6”
  3. All structural lumber as per plans and local codes.
  4. Floor framing members: Engineered Floor Trusses
  5. Roof framing: Roof Trusses
  6. Roof Sheathing: OSB Sheathing or equal
  7. Sub-flooring – Ranches concrete; Town houses, Gyp Crete
  8. Exterior Sheathing: 7/16” OSB sheathing at structural wall areas.
  9. Exterior wall construction: 2x4 and 2x6 according to structural

Riverwalk Condominiums Bridgeport CT

  1. Siding Material: Low Maintenance Monogram Vinyl Siding
  2. Roofing: Architectural style, 30 year fiberglass shingles over 15 lb. felt paper with aluminum step flashing. Ice & Water barrier at starter course and valleys
  3. Window: Vinyl Clad, high performance, energy star with screens See plans for locations
  4. Exterior Front Door: Insulated Therma-Tru Energy Efficient Schlage or equal pitcher style door handle with deadbolt.
  5. Exterior Colors: To Match Phase I
  6. Garage: Parking Under Units
  7. Landscape: Exterior Plantings as per plan. Riverwalk II Development LLC is not responsible for the survival of any planting after the close.
  8. Exterior Walkways: As per plan
  9. Gutters and Downspouts: Aluminum to match the trim and siding color of the building.

(Download Full Specs PDF Version)